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The World of Solarion Sun

The story of Solarion Sun takes place on The Light Continent, home to a vast amount races, with their own history’s, records and cultures. [Go to the Races menu to learn more about each of them.] The landscape itself was shaped by the massive volcano, now known as Mount Korrian, as well as the small surrounding islands crafted by smaller volcanoes under the ocean connecting the land mass together. A majority of the landscape is flat, green, fields followed areas of large forests and then it’s beautiful rolling hills. A quarter of the landscape has been blighted with a desert after an ancient war known as “The Great Calamity” that once tore the continent to pieces in demonic warfare.

The Light Continent is a monotheistic society, home of the holy city, Sheiden’ne; a massive city with the main church branch of the deity, Ojiecj (Pronounced ‘Oh-Shek’). Sheiden’ne acts as the Theocratic front of the government on the west coast where Lakelight is home to the Militaristic front of the government on the east coast. The two fronts work together to govern the land in a fair trade, open market system and protect the continent from any future attacks that may lead to future mass warfare as it did in ancient times.

Each territory or province is separated by the rivers that run through them and hold a main capital city where most of the governing is conducted. Though the capital cities are comfortable places to live, many people prefer to live in towns and villages outside of the busy streets where they can raise families or build up a business of their own for those who travel the main trade routes between the cities.

The map will continue to update with new names and features as the story progresses…

Solarion Sun, it’s logo, story and all related characters are copyright © 2023 Andrew Fleming. All rights reserved.

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