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Being an independent creator takes a whole lot of resources and I would love to keep working on Solarion Sun and my other comics as my career! Join the Solarion Sun team as a supporter to earn and unlock more rewards and get first access to all future information and potential products!

For as little as $1, you can start getting rewards for your support. You can also stay WAY ahead of the free version of the comic (250+ Pages!) and get the pages as they are released for as little as $5 a month! Not only that, but the more you pay, the better perks you will get, including the ability to choose art I will draw each month.

With more support unlocks better tiers that will eventually include access to monthly sketch commissions, just for you, whatever you’d like! But, we need to break those cost barriers first. I would love to have you on my team!

Access to Artwork

At the base tier, you will get first access to all new artworks that come out, including the poll sketches from the higher tiers!

Early Pages

At the next tier up, you will get access to the pages as they are finished, rather than weekly for free! Low cost, great value!

Sketch Polls

Next tier up, you will have the ability to vote on the kinds of sketches you want to see me draw at least once a month!

More support means unlocking more rewards, including MONTHLY commissions!

Join the Solarion Sun Team

Solarion Sun, it’s logo, story and all related characters are copyright © 2023 Andrew Fleming. All rights reserved.

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