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About Solarion Sun

Twins, Thunder and Rain, try to rekindle the connection they once shared as kids while on an adventure to stop a madman, cult leader from tearing the world open to the gates of Hel. They are now wrapped up in a catastrophic disaster that may be far over their heads or very well could be blessed by the All-Father, Ojiecj, himself to take the monumental task head on!

Read the adventure each week as mysteries are uncovered behind the death of the twins’ parents, find what kind of evil lies beyond the veil of reality and show how the support of family can conquer any and all suffering in a broken world, under the Solarion Sun.

About the Artist

Greetings to you!

My name is Andrew Fleming, a.k.a. [AFLM], the author and artist of Solarion Sun.

I have long been inspired by things like Dungeons & Dragons, ThunderCats and Fantasy Power Metal (just to name a few of the many nerdy things I like) to finally start a project that I wanted to share with the world! I’ve always wanted to create a piece of art that could be enjoyed by a wide variety of people and I believe Solarion Sun is the one to do just that. I’ve been writing comics for a very long time, almost a couple decades now, and this is the first one that will be publicly available to the world through the internet… and I am incredibly excited about that. I am happy that you are taking the time to be here to read this and I sincerely hope you enjoy my work!

I strive to make this comic and all the comics that follow my life’s work, so if you feel like supporting me in my artistic ventures email me about commissions or join my Patreon and get some fabulous rewards!

Thank you, sincerely, and enjoy your stay!

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Solarion Sun, it’s logo, story and all related characters are copyright © 2023 Andrew Fleming. All rights reserved.

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